Diplomatic Ties

Dr. Henquire Tokpah discusses Chief Suah Koko's legacy

Suah Koko was a diplomat. She sought to end wars using diplomatic means. The establishment of a diplomatic tie with the Liberian government did not only bring end to the numerous “hinterland” tribal wars, which greatly disrupted the lives of the inhabitants of the Liberian hinterland, it also opened up the northwestern and northeaster parts of Liberia. Today, a district, chiefdom and a clan are named in Suah Koko’s honor. Once peace was achieved, the Liberian government and church missions expanded education opportunities to central Liberia. The descendants of Chief Suakoko granted more than one thousand acres to Cuttington University.  The Chief Suah Koko’s Land Grant Scholarship at Cuttington University is a testimony to her legacy. The district hosts the Cuttington University main campus, the Phebe referral hospital and the Central Agricultural Research Institute (CARI).