The Harvard African Expedition, Book 2: November 4, 1926



Loring Whitman




Thur Nov. 4th As light barely stole over us the black logs – on the beach slowly rolled over and glided noiselessly away to the fishing grounds. Never a shout or call – never a splash. We weighed the anchor and set the oars creaking. The heavens now spread with thin filmy lacelike clouds turning saffron and brown with here and there purples which the mirrored surface of the water caught and reflected – 2 skies separated by a ragged line of black silhouetted palms. We crossed the bar – still sleeping – for the swell had gone – and once more rowed into the harbor of Monrovia – 3 days short of 4 months since we last entered with all our trip before us.

            We docked at the Woermann dock and had our baggage removed. Then while Hal went up to see Capt. Beard of Elder Dempsters – we had the luggage shipped up and watched the now high riding craft slip away to the dutch store – a noble ship.

            Capt. Beard was very nice giving us tea, toast and honey and telling us all the news of Monrovia. He also advised us not to set up tents as it would insult the Pres. So we went up to the willises who welcomed us again with cheerful smiles. They look a bit more tired. We met Mr. Cheeck then the father of young Dolph Cheek, and are to see more of him as he is a member of the house hold.

But the rest of the day was spent on getting washed and clean and getting out our white clothes. We also must tell our story.

            So ends the day by day story of our travels in Liberia . – The trip is over and it is now but a matter of waiting till we go. 






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