The Harvard African Expedition, Book 2: November 1, 1926



Loring Whitman




Mon. Nov 1st We were busy in the morning paying bills, paying off the men and buying provisions for our boat journey. We have been waiting in hopes that a steamer would put in and take us either to Cape Palmas or Monrovia, but now our hopes were gone and we are to take a surf boat and sail. Our original plan was to go to Cape Palmas and from there to Monrovia but there has been such a headwind that no boats have been to Cape P. for over 10 days. Now it is Monrovia or bust. Yesterday AM Dr. George and I had laboriously counted all the 6 pences 3 pences and coppers which formed our wealth – a long job. This morning we paid the men their wages – with a 15 shilling dash to each in case they wished to take a steamer should it come. Then Hal and I went out and provisioned the expedition with cheese, crackers, jam, tinned meat etc. Later we paid all the bills. After lunch we packed everything possible and sent it down to the boat for loading leaving only the bare essentials in the house. Then Hal and I made a short photographic tour along the beach and then the town. Sino is not very large but for Liberia is quite pleasant. The rather squalid houses are set back from the broad strip of sand which serves for a road and are separated from it by a rickety fence and trees. The sketch will best show the location. About 530 Hal and I went for a swim on the point in acquiescence to Mr. Ross. There were no breakers unfortunately.

            In the evening we dived with the Dutchmen – and a pleasant set of host they are. <Drawing of town> 1. Woerman Store, 2. Dutch, 3. Cavalla, 4. Our house, 5. Ashanti village, 6. A tall pyramid of rock with sheer walls. 






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