The Harvard African Expedition, Book 2: October 30, 1926



Loring Whitman




Sat Oct 30th After getting the morning chores out of the way I started to overhaul my outfit getting out all dirty clothes etc and giving them to the washman. I took some pictures around the house and while Hal supervised the oiling of guns and gun cases I oiled my cameras, cases etc and got them ready to travel again. I also About 1100 we went for a swim it was delicious in the surf and we thoroughly breakers as if on surf boards. After lunch we took a short walk along the beach with our cameras getting some movies of the fishing canoes landing thru the surf. It is certainly neat the way that they land picking the right wave upon which to charge up the beach, a nimble leaping out a tug and the canoe is above the breakers.

            In the evening I worked till 1200 developing 6 dozen pictures which came out quite – well despite the dampness thru which they have passed. We had a wicked storm which struck the house like a rain and rapidly soaked our beds. It was a cloud-burst and hurricane in one. Then after closing the shutters the roof leaked over my bed. I was mad. 






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