The Harvard African Expedition, Book 2: October 29, 1926



Loring Whitman




Fri Oct 29th Hal staid in bed all day. The rest of us took life more or less easily. In the A.M. I had the water bags cleaned and aired, handed out food for the day to Sando and sterilized the water. I then went out shopping buying a few necessary supplies and possibly a few luxuries. I wandered down to the german store later and talked to them about surf boats – expenses on regular boats to Monrovia for white and black etc. There I met ex. Gov Birch an old man of over eighty who landed in Liberia in 1870 or there abouts. He was born in Alabama. He is now a rather lottery old man who wanted to know whether we were Firestone people? Were we looking for gold? No. I tried to explain but he summed us up with “I guess you must be rich young fellers trying to spend your money”. Perhaps he was right. I didn’t argue. After lunch I tried to get some hawk pictures with no success whatsoever. But did I also got some pictures of a man casting a purse seine. In the evening I developed new again called on the Dutch people This time with Dr. George. They are very pleasant. 






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