Collection: Diaries

As scientists each expedition member kept a hand-written diary of his Liberian observations and experiences: Featured are the daily chronicles by Mr. Loring Whitman, expedition photographer and assistant ornithologist, and expedition chief, Dr. Richard Pearson Strong, as they traveled in Liberia from June 29 to November 21, 1926, plus accounts of their travel by ship from England to Liberia.

Date: June 23, 1926 - September 12, 1926
Book 1 chronicles Loring Whitman's travels from Southhampton, England to Garmu, Liberia from June 23, 1926 to September 12, 1926. On June 23, 1926 Strong, Shattuck, Allen, Linder, Theiler, Whitman and Coolidge arrived at Southampton from London and joined Bequaert on the S.S. Wadai bound for the Canary Islands. After excursions to various islands such as Tenerife and Gran Canaria, the company of men continued on to Freetown, Sierra Leone for a short stop before arriving at their final…  Read more→
Date: September 13, 1926 - November 21, 1926
Book 2 chronicles Loring Whitman's travels from September 13, 1926 to November 21, 1926. The diary begins as Whitman and two companions, Strong and Shattuck, travel to Garmu, Liberia and the French border. Upon returning to the base camp in Gbarnga, Whitman continues to explore surrounding areas and take photographs. On September 24, 1926, Loring Whitman's party splits again and Whitman leaves Gbarnga alongside Dr. Strong, Shattuck and Coolidge for a trip to the eastern part of Liberia. The…  Read more→